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March 19, 20200

Meet our new Technical Director of Sports, Hyacienth Chiagorom Nkwocha, a graduate of History and Int’l Studies from Lagos State University. He is a veteran youth football coach, a resource person and a facilitator, a musician and a developer of talents. He worked with British Council CATS Project ( Community Action Through Sport) from October 2000 to October 2007. In his capacity as the Head Coach, he was responsible for the three male teams U-10, 15,17, one female team and other coaches in Lagos, Kano and Port Harcourt.

Hyacienth made valuable contributions to the development of female football in the project by developing and leading a team through grassroots football to play in the Nigeria National Female Football League II and professional female League One. He was involved in all aspects of the CATS Project, including peer health education, leadership programmes, development of child protection policies and used his musical talent to involve the young people in discussion of many topical issues.

Hyacienth developed his facilitation and mentoring skills through the International British Council Dreams+ Teams programme in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Abu Dhabi and England and helped to coordinate and facilitate the leadership and training programmes with the Project Manager for the British Council Dreams and Teams Project. He is an accredited Tutor in the scheme. His wide experience of both playing and coaching football to CATS, enhanced the project greatly.

He also worked with Cowbell Football Academy as Technical Director and Head Coach for many years.

Welcome to the Tiger family.

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