We have three squad groups based on age:
Age Squad Name Objective
Under 6 Recreation Squad (Cubs) This squad is targeted at young players (ages 3-6) who are new to football, where we teach how to have fun with football.
Under 8-11 Pre Academy Squad (Tigers)This squad is targeted at the ages of 7-10, it is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of football in a fun and exciting way.
Under 12-15 Development Academy Squad (Tiger Elite) This squad is by invitation only for members of the academy squad OR for older players between the ages of 11-14 that wishes to go semipro.
All coaches work with the Programme Director to create specialized and technical training sessions for our members.


Term Date
1st Term10th October - 19th December 2020
2nd Term 23rd January - 27th March 2021
3rd Term 24th April - 3rd July 2021


Camp Date
Easter Soccer Camp 6th - 16th April, 2021


Session Date
Soccer School Session TBA
Kick Series TBA
Friendly Matches TBA
Parents' Match TBA


3 – 5 years Every Saturday 10-12 weeks Fun games, introduction to technical skills, dribbling, ball control and passing techniques. Running mechanics, balance and basic motor skills will also be emphasized.
6 – 7 years Every Saturday 10-12 weeks Technical skills development, emphasizing repetition and proper technique. Physical skills development to include running mechanics, balance, coordination and motor skills. Friendly matches and inter-league competitions.
8 – 9 years Every Saturday 10-12 weeks Technical skills development, emphasizing proper technique and application of skills during games and matches. Physical skills development, introducing strength training, introduction to tactical skills. Friendly matches and inter-league competitions.
10 – 12 years Every Saturday 10-12 weeks Technical skills development, emphasizing proper technique, application and use of both right and left foot. Physical skills development, tactical skills development, emphasizing awareness on the field and understanding of positions. Friendly matches and inter - league competitions.
LTFC is a fast growing junior football club/soccer academy based in Lagos, Nigeria and established to give children an opportunity to develop a love for football, develop local talent and enhance standards of youth football training.
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