At LTFC, we offer weekly football training sessions for boys and girls between 3 and 15 years. Club members are split into different groups by age and receive specialized training from professional coaches. Our club offers a fun environment for children to develop technical skills, teamwork, sportsmanship and a positive attitude to sports and healthy living. In addition to our regular football practice sessions, we offer the following services:


We regularly play with teams from other clubs and schools in order to maintain a friendly and sporty atmosphere and ensure our kids get match training practice.


The LTFC U12 Football Festival, in partnership with Lagos State Football Association (LSFA), will bring together several U12 football teams across primary schools in Lagos State for an annual series of events that celebrate the sport.


The club offers seasonal camps to give the children more exposure and enhance their skill acquisition. Details of camps are publicised as and when they arise. Additionally, we work with schools and camps to deliver in-house football training programmes. Equipment rental is also available.


Let us arrange your next football party, whether it is a party for your football-mad son or daughter or a corporate football themed social event. Our packages are affordable and fun. Contact us at for more information.